Features of Kashyap Water Treatment

100% Environment-Friendly

Kashyap water technology doesn’t use salts or chemicals to treat hard water. It works on impulse technology, which neither produces any discharge water or affects the quality of the water. It is a salt-free and chemical-free alternative to hard water treatments

Water Pressure Remains Intact

Scale deposits decrease the diameter of the pipes resulting in a drop in water pressure. Once Kashyap water treatment is installed, it doesn’t allow scale build-ups keeping the water pressure intact.

Increases Productivity

All the industries where water is used in production are affected by the negatives of scales and rust. Scale deposits of every 1.6mm make your heating equipment 12% less productive. Installing Kashyap restores your production capacity.

A Feasible Installation

Unlike other water technologies, Kashyap is quite a feasible option as a hard water treatment. Apart from the fact that it requires just one-time installation, it needs little space, no assistance in installation, and absolutely no plumbing.


Although Kashyap runs on electricity, it runs on negligible power as opposed to the other water softeners, making it a cost-efficient option. Once installed, you don’t need post-installation services such as chemical or salt renewals.

Aces in Versatility

Unlike electromagnetic water softeners, which works only on plastic pipes, Kashyap hard water technology is versatile and works on any pipe material including PVC, HDPE, copper, and steel.

Promotes Healthy Living

Kashyap hard water treatment keeps the essential minerals intact, unlike water softeners. Using the water treated with Kashyap Anti-scale makes the skin and hair less dry. Fruits and vegetables don’t lose their taste or nutrition profile.

Fosters Cleanliness

AHard Water stains the bathroom and kitchen surfaces as well as plumbing, which not only affects its appearance but also encourages bacteria infestation. Treating hard water with Kashyap solves the cleanliness issues effectively.

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