How does Hard Water form Rust Stains in your house?

Where There is Hard Water, There Are Rust Stains- Here is Why!

When water, which is supposed to help you clean things, do exactly the opposite and start leaving behind harsh stains, know that the water you are using is HARD.
So, what is hard water, and why do rust stains appear wherever there’s hard water?
Like everything, water too is made of various elements, but when it consists of harsh minerals such as calcium and magnesium, the water is said to be hard. If you are intrigued about how water becomes hard, let us shed some light on that.

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Are You an Industrialist?

Here is How Hard Water is Affecting Your Operational Efficiency!

Almost 80% of the Indian cities are using hard water, and nearly all of us have to deal with its effects, whether it’s domestically or industrially. With the presence of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, hard water scaling starts on surfaces, including the pipes through which water flows.

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Are You Using Salt-Based Water Softeners?

Here Is How Much You Are Impacting The Environment

How important is water for you?
Just important enough for you to stop caring until you are cut off from its supply?
Or important enough for you to prompt when someone’s wasting it?
Or so important that water sustainability is a part of your lifestyle, and you always think of how the coming generation must have as easy access to safe water as we have?

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Clothes Don’t Come Out As Good As Washing Machine Brands Promise?

Here is Why! Did Everything You Could, And Yet Clothes Fade Over Time? Here is Why!

Okay, We always happen to get easily attracted and influenced by all the commercials of detergents and Washing machines. We also believe in theiremphatically presented statements about a great wash and longer and brighter life to your clothes.

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