The Establishment of Excellent Water Technologies

With a mission of enhancing the Indian Technology Scenario, two young engineers, fresh in the automotive world, started a firm in spite of their limited infrastructure and sources in the year of 2004. With a clear vision of creating a plethora of products, we started the conversion of our dream into a reality with our launch of Sensors, Switches, Emulators, all range of Harness, TAP, and ICS. Our constant endeavour was to add finesse to the Indian technological world, and with the launch of our Hard Water Solutions, we touched the apex of success. All our manufacturing units including our auto manufacturing unit (www.kae.co.in), water solutions sector(www.excellentwater.in) , and www.kashyaptechnology.com have garnered the best of reviews and responses from the users.

Excellent Water Technology- An idea that changed the industry

Excellent Water Technologies entered the big leagues of the water treatment industry with its unique innovation of Kashyap Anti Scale products. Unlike any other hard water technology, we used impulse technology to eradicate scale and rust, two major outcomes of hard water. We designed it skillfully to make it accessible to everybody, including companies as big as Adani. There have been over 9000 installations of Kashyap Anti Scale systems, making it a huge success and an idea that sent ripples through the water solutions industry.

Make In India- The Fuel to Our Vision

We are incredibly proud to be a product of the Make in India project which fuelled our vision giving the boost it needed. We perfected our ideas to make the most of the government’s assistance to create a technology that was the need of the hour; a water treatment that is free of chemicals, salt, and maintenance.

Our Proud Innovations



While the usual chlorination of water includes chlorine as an additive, our online chlorinator produces chlorine from the water itself. It kills the bacteria festering in the water without irritating or causing any burning sensation on the skin. The best part about this product is that it is absolutely maintenance free.



Most hard water treatments are complex with the need of adding salts or chemicals, or the requirement to maintain it on a regular basis. We changed that with the launch of our Descaling system that removes calcium and magnesium from water to make it soft. It is a completely automatic equipment that runs on minimal electricity and needs just one-time installation.

5 Factors That Make Our Water Treatments Stand Out


Our products run on impulse technology and are entirely electronic. The users don’t need to add chemicals or softeners or anything for our products to keep working.


Because our anti-scale products are electronic, they are devoid of water softening chemicals. There’s no water wastage in the process, making our technology eco-friendly.

Maintenance Free

With absolutely no requirement to add salts or chemicals and a life of at least ten decades, there’s zero maintenance cost. The only energy source Kashyap Anti-scale products need is electricity.

Hassle-free Installation

Kashyap’s Anti-scale and Scale Defence need to be installed externally on the pipes. A quick, hassle-free installation, without any technical assistance, is possible with Kashyap.

Easy Customization

We have developed suitable models for different diameters of pipes, and we are also open to customizing our products according to your requirements.

Meet Our Experts

Mukesh Patel

Founder and Chairman, Kashyap Technology

Vivek Donga

CEO & Director (Technical)

Venu Gopal

Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Excellent water technology is a leading Water Solution Company and provide solutions for hard water treatment. Excellent water technology delivers customer value by improving performance and product quality and by reducing operating costs and extending equipment life in a broad range of products and services.


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